Electronics Repairs

Industries Served

This is a partial list of our capacity to repair and manufacture equipment and cabling. Please reach out if you have any questions about our ability to assist you!

A factory control panel.



Integrated Circuit Works specializes in component-level repairs, including LCDs and push-button overlays. Even when other services call your equipment a lost cause, ICW can often repair it saving you thousands in equipment and lost time.

Industrial CNC Machine

High-Speed Manufacturing


Machines for high-speed manufacturing are costly to replace and sometimes difficult to repair due to their specialized nature. ICW excels at replacing exactly the components needed and no more, minimizing costs and downtime.

Mechanic works on wiring under a car's dash.



Integrated Circuit Works has you covered, from the shade-tree mechanic to the classic car restoration expert and even the corporate manufacturer, whether you need a custom wiring harness, a repair/replacement on impossible-to-source electronics, or an additional supplier of OEM parts.

Disconnected wires inside an appliance.



Everyday appliances contain more electronics than ever, and this trend is not slowing. Integrated Circuit Works can provide OEM cables, boards, boxes, and rework/component-level repairs on existing components that may be too costly to replace.

Server rack with cables plugged in.



Our world runs on billions of miles of communication lines. Integrated Circuit Works and its technicians are experts at cable design and construction. ICW’s experience in agricultural and industrial settings makes them a perfect fit to provide reliable components.

A group of security cameras on a tower.



Integrated Circuit Works has decades of experience producing weather-resistant box builds, durable cable builds, and camera systems. This experience is vital in creating equipment you can reliably count on, even in challenging environments.

An audio mixing console



AV crews know how many miles of cables and precision equipment are required to put on even simple shows. Integrated Circuit Works can address nearly any area of electronic repair needed to keep the show on the road.

Wiring and waterproof housings on a military vehicle.



At ICW, our commitment to excellence includes expanding our quality control certifications as a company and for our technicians. The experience we have in robust high-wear cable and electronics systems translates perfectly for military applications.

Tractors and field implements.



Integrated Circuit Works is located deep in the heartland of America, directly in farm country. Because of our origins, we are uniquely positioned to be agricultural electronic manufacturing and repairs experts.

At Integrated Circuit Works, we take pride in repairing equipment to lower operating costs

Our technicians have the resources and knowledge to repair most electronic assemblies. We specialize in component-level diagnostics and repairs across a wide array of manufacturers. Our team builds custom test equipment during the repair process to expedite future maintenance.
We also specialize in repairing/replacing user interfaces like LCDs, cable testing, repair, and complete cable rebuilds.
At Integrated Circuit Works, we don’t just repair equipment; we find ways to strengthen the existing design to maximize uptime between repairs.

Our Services

Electronics repair bench.

Electronic Board Repair

No matter the age of your equipment, our team has the tools and expertise to test and repair even single-component failures.
An audio mixing console.

LCD Repair

Our supplier relationships allow us to find drop-in replacements for many screens/interfaces discontinued by OEMs.
Colorful wires.

Cable Repair

Integrated Circuit Works specializes in cable solutions and production relationships, allowing us to beat many manufacturer lead times.
A machine control panel.

Overlay Repair

We create new push-button overlays to replace interfaces worn from high-demand usage.
A cable connector on top of schematics.

Custom Cable Solutions

Our team can rebuild unrepairable cables and find new cable solutions to expand your existing infrastructure.
Servo arm from an industrial robot.

Servo Drives

ICW’s vendor partnerships allow us to quickly source hard-to-find servo drive replacement parts.

The Repair Process

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